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Finding the Right Niche For Your Blog

Finding Your Blog Niche


Have you been wanting to start a blog but haven’t been able to pick a niche?   After being laid off from my long-time job, I decided to retrain in a different field.  I started taking classes in web design, and that gave me the motivation to start my blog.  The problem was, I couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted to blog about.

Do you have that problem too?   Here are four things to consider if you are having trouble finding your niche for your blog:

  1. What do I love to do in my spare time?
  2. What blogs do I enjoy reading, and what are they about?
  3. Are you an expert in any topic?
  4. What would I like to know more about?

Write down the answers to these questions, and see if any of the topics fit together.  Are any of these areas things you feel you could write hundreds of blog posts about?    Building a successful blog takes lots of time and hard work, so make sure you pick a topic that you will love writing about.

Think about your target audience – are any of these things they would be interested in reading about?

After writing down the answers to these questions, my answer was obvious.  I knew I loved reading blogs about blogging, WordPress, website design and earning side income.  And in answer to question 4, these were definitely things that I wanted to know more about.

Need some blog niche ideas to get you going?  Some of the more popular topics are:

Personal Finance
Fitness and Training

Of course, each niche could be broken down further.  For example, a food blog could be focused on baking, or a sports blog could focus on a specific sport or team.


How to find your blog niche


Having a niche in mind can help you form a plan for your blog and build a loyal audience.

Have you been wanting to start a blog but been dragging your feet because you aren’t exactly sure what your niche is?  It’s time to stop procrastinating and just get started!



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