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5 Tips to Help you Write an About Page for Your Blog

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Are you a new blogger scrambling to figure out what to put on your About page?  Many bloggers say it is one of their most visited pages, but it can be a little scary putting yourself and your blog out there for the first time!

Check out my tips to help you get the most out of your all-important About page.

1. What’s your blog all about?    Are you a lifestyle or food blogger?  Like to write about blogging or WordPress tips?  What makes you different than other bloggers?   Let your readers know what topics they can be expecting to see and why they should read your blog.

2.  What are you all about?  Give some info about your background – education, hobbies and interests.  What brought you to blogging and what do you love about it?  Think about this as a way for readers to relate to you and get to know you better.

3. Readers want to see your picture!  Include a head shot and think about including some fun photos that show your personality.  (Ooops!  I still haven’t got this one done…)

4. What’s your most popular or favorite post?  Link up to these posts and use this as an opportunity to showcase some of your best work.  Don’t worry if you’re a new blogger – you can always come back and add this in after you have some posts built up.

5. Call to action!   Let your readers know what you want them to do next.  Do you want them to sign up to follow you on social media?  This is a great place to include your buttons so that they can easily follow you.

I hope these tips help you develop your own awesome About page!  What are some other topics you like to see in About pages?

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  1. I love to read a bit about a person’s path/past. I find it’s easier to connect with someone who gives a glimpse of themselves rather than some stuffy, all-business page that’s filled with affiliate links.

    • jancrow says:

      I enjoy that too! I am planning to incorporate a little bit more of that in the future. Thanks so much for your comment!

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